KAIDEX V3 is an automated market maker (AMM) that allows user to exchange two tokens on the KardiaChain network. Anyone providing liquidity on the platform is rewarded with trading fee.

When a user swap (trade) on the exchange, a trading fee of 0.3% will be charged, which is broken down in the following way:

  • 0.25% is rewarded to liquidity providers in the form of incentive fees. It added to the pool balance

  • 0.05% is distributed to stKDX holder. It goes to a pool called KDX Staking Pool(stKDX). The KDX Staking Pool contract collects the fees from all the pools, and when the reward distribution command is called, it then sells all the fees turning them into KDX token (via KAIDEX Swap). That new KDX is divided up among the users in the stKDX pool. When those users withdraw their stKDX it will be worth more KDX than when they put in from the distribution.

Key features

  • Omnidirectional swapping: users can now easily swap from one token to ones already available on KAIDEX without the need to find any specific predefined pairs

  • Cross-chain swapping enhancement: support all EVM-compatible blockchains, and introduce the Beta version of KSML 1.0, which supports EIP20 Token Interface.

  • Easy network integration: only takes 30 minutes to create a proposal and integrate with a new network.

  • Price impact reduction: automatically route to the pool with the highest liquidity, also provide more incentive for users to provide liquidity as there will be more volume across pairs.

  • Bot attack reduction: minimizes the loss of front running bots that track users’ behaviors and execute “Sandwich Attacks”, or prevents “Flash Loan Attacks” (Flash Loan) that “whales” can manipulate the token price.

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