Governance process

KAIDEX DAO (Governance of KAIDEX) is a decentralized autonomous organization that operates according to smart contract regulations. KAIDEX puts generosity in the DNA of the whole community by allowing them to submit protocol recommendations, vote on them, and implement modifications utilizing administrative services.
Voting rights can be delegated by KDX token holders to themselves or other wallets. A proposal creation follows which weighs are recorded and voting begins. The period for on-chain voting lasts for a week. If a proposal meets the minimal vote threshold, it is queued for temporary locking and can be implemented for 3 days. With the absence of force majeure or technical complexity, any update to the protocols takes no less than 10 days.
KAIDEX Governance Process


Snapshot is a simple off-chain voting mechanism for users to express their impactful ideas. The number of KDX tokens (or stKDX) assigned to the voting address is used to weight snapshot votes.
👉 Join our snapshot account here: https://kaisnapshot.com/#/kdx.kai