In the KardiaChain Ecosystem, JETPad is a self-operating launchpad. JETPad intends to increase the desirability of KAIDEX as a go-to place for token issuers and project owners to launch new protocol tokens, bringing new capital and trade to the platform. The launchpad will provide token issuers and project owners with all of the necessary tools to deploy on KAIDEX in a seamless manner.
The IDO method established on KAIDEX is essential for long-term sustainability as it immediately grants newly launched tokens powerful utilities. Blockchain projects can take advantage of IDOs to improve their goods, token services, and make better business decisions. Besides, the initial token sale brings communities together and improves collaboration.
More than that, JETPad is driven by KDX community or KDX stakers which we call KDX Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), a totally brand new feature we want to introduce. From now on, KDX community will be the one who make the decision in the development process of KAIDEX V3 and the ecosystem around it.

What is IDO?

An Initial DEX Offering, or IDO, is a new and exciting type of decentralized and permissionless crowdfunding platform, which is opening up a new way of fundraising in the crypto space. If a project is launching an IDO, it means the project is launching a coin or token via a decentralized liquidity exchange.

IDO Benefits for KAIDEX and Community

  • Expansion and upgrading of the KAIDEX Ecosystem
  • High demand for public fund from KardiaChain projects
  • Strengthening of the KDX token, hence significant increase in trading volume & price
  • Massive surge of new active users and investors to the platform
  • Stake KDX token is requirement to purchase IDO slots
  • Creating potential IDO partnerships
  • KAIDEX users will have more lucrative opportunities in the future
  • New listings, liquidity pools, farming pairs, and collaborative events
  • Worldwide expansion of the KAIDEX community