♦️KAIDEX Staking Pool


KAIDEX stake pools contain only one type of token. There is no requirement to create LP tokens, but the idea is similar with creating a liquidity token (LP) and staking it in a liquidity mining program to generate other tokens.


To earn extra KDXs, you can stake your KDXs. You will then be given a buyback KDX token, stKDX, to represent your share of the pool. stKDX holders earn a portion of trade fees in order to buy back KDX. Your stKDX balance will remain unchanged, but the ratio of stKDX to KDX will be ever-increasing as it purchases additional KDX.

After depositing KDX you receive stKDX tokens as proof of stake, which you may use to stake in partner pools to gain additional tokens.

Why stake?

  • No Impermanent Loss

  • Maximize your profits when KDX price increases

  • A 0.05% trading fee is used to periodically buy back KDX tokens. When you exchange your stKDX for KDX, you'll get more KDX than you started with

  • Government power over KAIDEX

  • Chances to participate in IDO

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