KDX Membership

What is KDX Membership?

KDX Membership is a totally new designed program to maximize benefits for KDX stakers and KAIDEX V3 ecosystem. You can easily become a KDX member just by stake your KDX token into our KAIDEX staking pool and get stKDX tokens in return.

Here are exclusive benefits for a KDX Member: 1. Earn unlimited trading fees 2. Participate with JetPad Token Launch to invest on new potential project 3. Become a member of KDX government, have right to vote for any change on KAIDEX V3 and ecosystem

KDX Membership tier

When you become a KDX Member, you will get a chance to leverage your membership benefit by upgrade your KDX Membership tier. KDX Membership tier is calculated by your average KDX tokens staking in the last 7 days snapshot. The snapshot will be automatically done by our system at the very first block procedure each day.

Currently, the KDX Membership tier will determine your maximum token you can commit to any IDO launching project on JetPad. And more in the future, there will be more attractive benefit program for you.

Here come the detail Membership tier and the allocation point for each tier

At the time of an IDO event goes live, you can join and commit the number of KAI tokens, so be aware that you should prepare enough KAI. The maximum tokens you can commit is determined by your KDX Membership Tier and the Allocation Rate for each project.The Allocation Rate will be depend on each project and be announced along with IDO schedule.

Maximum commit = Allocation Point * Allocation Rate

E.g: Project A has Allocation Rate = $5. User X is Bronze Tier with Allocation Point = 1, User Y is Silver Tier with Allocation Point = 5, User Z is Platinum Tier with Allocation Point = 60. So maximum commit of each user is: User X = 1 * $5 = $5 User Y = 5 * $5 = $25 User Z = 60* $5 = $300

You can easily check your membership tier anytime on your profile page. It will be update automatically each day when the snapshot system done the progress.

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