Apply for IDO (project)

Step 1: Submit your project proposal with full information requested on our "Community DAO" and convince the community to get vote for your proposal. There are 2 options in the voting poll: "yes" or "no" towards project proposal. Community will have 7 days to participate the voting round.

Conditions to be met:

  1. All voting participants must be holding/staking at least 1 KDX token to get the right to join voting. The total amount of KDX tokens staking from voting participants have to reach the required number of KDX tokens at the end of voting time (verified by on-chain data snapshot). The number of KDX tokens from voting participants will be snapshot at the exact time when project owner submits the proposal to our JetPad.

  2. The number of people voting for the answer "Yes" must be greater than the answer "No" when the voting period expired.

  • Fund raise must be the multiplier of $1.000

  • Minimum fund raise is $10.000

  • The required amount will be revised by community vote after each quarter

Step 2: After passed the voting round, our team will support the project launch Token sale asap

Step 3: IDO project launch will be announced as scheduled with full information such as IDO token price, timeline, pool percentage, etc. The IDO on KAIDEX Launchpad is active for a well-defined time. The duration of each IDO can be adjusted, depending on the agreement with a particular IDO project

Step 4: The IDO go live and KDX holders will have time to commit their amount of KAI token towards a token sale. The maximum KAI tokens can be commit by each user is determined by their KDX Membership Tier and the Allocation Rate. The Allocation Rate will be depend on each project and be announced along with IDO schedule.

Maximum commit = Allocation Point * Allocation Rate

E.g: Project A has Allocation Rate = $5. User X is Bronze Tier with Allocation Point = 1, User Y is Silver Tier with Allocation Point = 5, User Z is Platinum Tier with Allocation Point = 60. So maximum commit of each user is: User X = 1 * $5 = $5 User Y = 5 * $5 = $25 User Z = 60* $5 = $300

What is KDX Membership?

Step 5: After the IDO ends, user can claim their new tokens and receive KAI in return (if project funding target is overvalued*)

*Overvalued market cap: If the amount of KAI tokens committed by users is greater than the fund raised, their final allocation of the new token is determined by the ratio of their committed KAI token against the total committed KAI token by all participating users.

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